The article deals with problems encountered by labour at the processing plant on the acceptance and unloading coal, leading to low productivity and delay of wagons. To address these deficiencies have been studies whose purpose is the development and implementation of labour standards, contributing to increased productivity, which is the source of growth efficiency of production at JSC «PLANT «Shchedruhinskaj». As a result of the lead researches developed six measures that improve productivity and reduce downtime of wagons during unloading. To review the organization of work on a site used by group photo day, and polling workers. Shows the efficiency of introduction of piecework pay in the form of the acceptance of the brigade and the unloading of coal. As a result of the use made of the total economic effect is 638 077 thousand. rub.


Industrial engineering, processing plant, coal unloading area, work space, norm development, group photo day, Program production improvements.

Issue number: 3
Year: 2016
UDK: 658.5(075.8): 331.5.024.54
Authors: Baskakova T. V., Borisova T. N., Bystrov V. A.

About authors: Baskakova T.V., Senior Researcher, Applicant, e-mail: t.baskakova@mail.ru, Borisova T.N., Candidate of Economical Sciences, Head of Chair, e-mail: borisovi254@mail.ru, Bystrov V.A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor, Professor, e-mail: bistrov39@yandex.ru, Siberian State Industrial University, 654007, Novokuznetsk, Russia.

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