Influence fortress of three kinds of apatite-nepheline ores with different ratios of the constituent minerals (with different physical and mechanical properties) on the abrasive properties
are reviewed in the article. Method of testing is described and experimental data on
the wear rate of the specified types of cylindrical samples of 110G13L steel as a material commonly used in the manufacture of rapidly wearing items of mining equipment are presented. Analyzed types of ore with significant difference in the fortress (f = 0,5; 5, 10 scale of M.M. Protodjakonov) have almost the same abrasive ability with respect to the tested steel is shown in the article. From a comparison of experimental results and petrographic analysis
of ore samples used concluded that the effect of the difference in hardness minerals abrasive capacity depends on the structural features of the breed.


Apatite, nepheline, fortress rock, steel 110G13L, wear rate, abrasiveness of rocks.

Issue number: 3
Year: 2016
UDK: 622.02
Authors: Bolobov V. I., Bochkov V. S., Chupin S. A., Stepanov S. Yu.

About authors: Bolobov V.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, e-mail:, Bochkov V.S., Graduate Student, e-mail:, Chupin S.A., Graduate Student, e-mail:, Stepanov S.Yu., Student, e-mail:, National Mineral Resource University «University of Mines», 199106, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, e-mail:

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