The results of a brief analysis of efficacy and safety of underground mining of coal deposits with varying geological and geotechnical parameters are given.
The following is revealed:
1) The variability of the parameters of the rock massif is the result of sedimentation processes, geotectonics and manifests itself in the form of changes of coal seams properties and enclosing rocks within the deposit including: thicknesses, structures and incidence angles of seams; the parameters of disjunctive and plicative breaches, washouts, splits, clastic injections; strength and deformation properties, creep, fracture, tendency to bloating, gas and the bursting liability of coal seams and rocks; natural stress field.
2) The most significant influence on the performance of long fully-mechanized stope has a volatility of thickness and gas content of seam: when increasing of seam thickness excavation the production in a breakage face rises almost linearly, and under constraints on the methane content within from 0 to 12 m3/ton the production is reduced in 3–5 times.
The conclusions and recommendations are confirmed by the results of numerical simulation of stress-strain state of coal-rock massif in the vicinity of mine workings during the mining of very closely spaced seams in Kuzbas.


Variability of properties of rocks, coal seams suite, mine, mining working, rock thickness between the seams, rocks residual strength, stress concentration coefficient, rocks fracture area.

Issue number: 3
Year: 2016
UDK: 622.831.24
Authors: Isachenko A. A.

About authors: Isachenko A.A., Deputy Chief Engineer on Technology Branch «Mine «Erunakovskaja-VIII» «United coal company «Juzhkuzbassugol’», 654006, Novokuznetsk, Russia, e-mail:

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