The article investigates the effectiveness of management processes and methods that contribute to its increase. In particular, the approach of building KPI system performance-oriented business goals. System KPI – a set of metrics that allow to characterize the current state of the system as satisfying or not satisfying the specified design constraints. This approach allows reducing the influence of human factors on the management process that ultimately contributes to the efficiency of the process.
This approach has been tested by the author in the work of the automation system information channels on the Internet. The approach has proven itself as a universal tool that allows you to describe the numerical criteria for the effectiveness of various processes that increase their objectivity and positively affects the control accuracy.


KPI, performance metrics, goal-oriented management, management information systems, human resources management, the definition of project objectives, management efficiency.

Issue number: 3
Year: 2016
UDK: 65
Authors: Zakharov N. V.

About authors: Zakharov N.V., web-analyst Enter. Master of Engineering and Technology, e-mail:, Moscow, Russia.

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