Studies conducted in various sites of the Moscow metro, showed that their air contains dozens of chemicals. The General level of contamination in the underground space of the tube may exceed the level of air pollution of the city, depending on the degree of contamination of the placement of air intakes and intensity of external sources of contamination.
To ensure regulatory environment clean metro currently uses different kinds vozduhonosnykh events. One part of which is based on the application of various types of filters to clean the air from pollutants. The other is on the dilution of polluted technogenic fresh air stream. The third is on the creation of artificial isolated systems vozdukhoobespecheniya etc.
All these activities are characterized by different cleaning efficiency (protection) air, and on the other, different in scope and cost. As the application of various types of methods and their complexes for the protection of the atmosphere of the underground in various degrees of contamination of parts of the city is a process of continuous improvement, a new methodological approach and tools allowing to define the priorities in this field.


Еcology of the city, measures on protection of air underground, ecological-economic assessment of options for the protection of the atmosphere underground.

Issue number: 3
Year: 2016
UDK: 622.4:504
Authors: Popova I. A.

About authors: Popova I.A., Student, e-mail:, National University of Science and Technology «MISiS», 119049, Moscow, Russia.

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