The article investigates the influence of an external magnetic field of low intensity on the ferromagnetic properties of the slurry formed by particles of different size magnetite. During the experimental work determined the content of solids in suspension by measuring the height of the fluidized bed at fixed speeds of upflow and by changing the value of the magnetic field from 0 to 4.8 kA / m. There were presented the cross-plots of the volume density of the magnetite particles in the fluidized slurry from the speed upflow at a magnetic field. A qualitative description of the behavior of fluidized bed consisting of particles of magnetite of Olenegorsk deposit of grade -100+71 μm, -125+100 μm and -160+125 μm was suggested. These were established the critical speeds of fluidization of ferromagnetic material and identified the ranges of existence fluidized of slurry in a stable condition for investigated grades of magnetite. The received data was suggested use to optimize process variables of magnetically gravity separation.


Ferromagnetic suspension, fluidized bed, a magnetic field, upflow, magnetite particles, the volume density, magnetic-gravity separation.

Issue number: 7
Year: 2016
UDK: 622.778.2 : 622.341.1 : 532.545
Authors: Kalyuzhnaya R. V.

About authors: Kalyuzhnaya R.V., Graduate Student, e-mail:, Mining Institute of Kola Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, 184209, Apatity, Russia.

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