The article deals with the problem exploitation of mine suspended monorails. Objective is to increase the efficiency and safety of operation mine suspended monorail through the optimization of transition that occur during acceleration or deceleration of the rolling stock. Taking into account the operating influences, were developed mathematical model of rolling stock, determined criterion for the optimal control system, composed Hamiltonian of system, obtained conjugate system and solution of equations. Established that during starting and braking of the rolling stock raises additional dynamic loads, by which the suspension monorail track are transmitted to the mine barring. Determined the optimum braking mode of mine suspended monorail and dependences between the parameters of the rolling stock and the braking force. Obtained dependences allow to establish suitable time to enable or disable the brake of rolling stock, when at initial moment point driving forces still valid, velocity partially quenched, and later – at the moment of shutdown barbell is made additional braking to zero speed. This makes it possible to minimize the deceleration time, increase the efficiency and safety of the mine suspended monorail.


Monorail, rolling stock, dynamic loads, starting, braking.

Issue number: 9
Year: 2016
UDK: 622.625.64
Authors: Gutarevich V. O., Ignatkina E. L.

About authors: Gutarevich V.O., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor, e-mail: gvodonntu@gmail.com, Ignatkina E.L., Assistant, e-mail: sel_post@mail.ru, Donetsk National Technical University, Donetsk, Ukraine.

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