The article presents the results of the analysis of the practice of outsourcing in mining enterprises, shows the future role of outsourcing, provides a methodical approach to assessing the feasibility of attracting enterprises outsourcers in various spheres of activity.
One of the main directions of implementation of the energy strategy of Russia is the expansion of the use of the service and auxiliary enterprises (outsourcing) to serve the basic kind of activity of the mining companies.
The article substantiates the position that the use of outsourcing contributes to increase the efficiency of mining companies. Their significance is associated with the direct influence on the results of production and economic activities of the sections, the source of which can be: reduced operating costs in the operation of existing equipment; cost savings on the purchase of new equipment; improving the reliability of the organization and management section.
Effective use of outsourcing in mining enterprises depends on complex conditions and limitations, such as: the profitability of production, defined mining and geological conditions, the state of production and economic activities and markets; the ability of a specialized organization to perform the work (services) for mining companies to become more efficient through the use of more high-tech methods in the organization and administration of existing or borrowed resources; improving the reliability of the organization and management of enterprises in the transmission part (or all) of the process (services) of the subsidiary company; establishing mutually beneficial relations between the actors involved in creating outsourcing.
Also of great importance for effective outsourcing organization at mining enterprises has: the state of the production-economic activity of the sections; markets energy – and material-technical resources, equipment, outsourcing services; scientific and technological progress aimed at improving resource mining equipment; investment climate and other.


Outsourcing, Coal mines, organizational Efficiency coal production.

Issue number: 9
Year: 2016
UDK: 622:330.15
Authors: Popov M. S.

About authors: Popov M.S., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Leading Specialist, JSC «MECHEL», 127083, Moscow, Russia, e-mail:

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