By using new order of working zone forming on steep oval form quarry boards possibility of separate mining of close steeply falling ores with productive power up to 16 mln. tons in conditions of Lomonosov deposit of iron ores was proven. Working zone initially from 1–2, after 3 ledges with height up to 30 meters are moved on perimeter of steep boards. During such development of working zone in borders of steep boards excavators are used on wide areas, equal to the width of cross panel. Correspondence of phased quarry contours on both areas of given deposit by optimal phased volumes of overburden rocks and ore are provided through creation of of dynamic model of explored technologies of mining realization – two level mining of ledges by cross panels during formation of ledge operation front of working zone perpendicular to the front of operation of steep board ledges. Phased contours of quarry constructed using integrated mining-geological informational complex and provide optimal regime of mining before execution of mining-geometric analysis. Correspondence analysis of graphs of mining regime shows if initial mining of ore reserves on Central area is worthwhile. In this case whole volume of overburden rocks of North-West area could be placed in mined area of first line quarry, which allows decreasing area of day surface under external falls almost 2 times. Terms of construction and realization of productive power by minimum relocation of quarry boards decreases 2–2,5 times compared to traditional technology of mining.


Oval form quarries, working zone, steep boards, transverse panel, steeply falling ores, mining regime, internal falling formation.

Issue number: 9
Year: 2016
UDK: 622.271.452
Authors: Rakishev B. R., Moldabaev S. K.

About authors: Rakishev B.R., Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Moldabayev S.K., DDoctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Kazakh National Research Technical University named after К.I. Satpayev, 050013, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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