The results of scientific research of the estimation of internal and external factors restraining local industrial complexes development have been stated in the article. The author lays stress on necessity to reveal and analyze internal and external factors fatally influencing on sustainable development of local industrial complex economy. The revealed restrictions promote formation of sustainable development prospects of a local industrial complex.
The characteristic of a local industrial complex as the certain structure including some enterprises connected among themselves with manufacture, processing and realization of certain production has been given in the article. It has been shown that implementation of local industrial complexes in business management is the important factor of maintenance of enterprise with resources. Functioning of local industrial complexes in certain territory not only allows solving sectoral problems, but promotes steady economic growth of concrete territory as well.
The sustainable development of local industrial complexes economies is necessary for considering proceeding from three components which have to consider economic, ecological and social orientation. The economic component provides effective functioning not only enterprises – parts of a local industrial complex, but also a territory where the given complex is located. The social component includes improvement of personnel vital activity of a local industrial complex.
From the ecological point of view, the sustainable development have to promote maintenance of ecological systems integrity. The paramount attention should be given to the preservation of ecological systems possibility to self-recovery and adaptations to changes. Natural resources degradation, environmental pollution and loss of biological variety lead to decrease of ecosystems ability to self-recovery.

The study has been supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Grant No. 160606091, and by the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation, Grant No. 150200127.


Sustainable development, local industrial complex, ecological systems, internal and external factors.

Issue number: 9
Year: 2016
UDK: 339.97
Authors: Tsemba N. M., Samarina V. P.

About authors: Tsemba N.M., Senior Lecturer, Stary Oskol branch of Belgorod National Research University, 309502, Stary Oskol, Russia, Samarina V.P., Doctor of Economical Sciences, Assistant Professor, Professor, Stary Oskol Technological Institute named after A.A. Ugarov, National University of Science and Technology «MISiS» branch, 309530, Stary Oskol, Russia.

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