The main analysis of development of gold mining branch depends on world tendencies, volumes of production, exploration and technological process. Presented production figures on the international and Russian gold mining companies. The analysis of the rating of the leaders of the 6 year period. Consideration of the Russian Federation as gold-bearing subjects. Representation of the state strategy on the development of mineral resources in this area. Actual segment is processing of difficult extracted and poor ores, including secondary processing now.


Gold mining branch, gold mining volumes, mineral resources, technological process, off-balance reserves.

Issue number: 9
Year: 2016
UDK: 546.59: 339.98
Authors: Shavrova M. N.

About authors: Shavrova M.N., Master’s Degree Student, National University of Science and Technology «MISiS», 119049, Moscow, Russia, e-mail:

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