The article includes the questions of complex service of the equipment of the industrial enterprises for ensuring their accident-free operation. Offering requirements to reliability of the mountain equipment when ensuring the greatest possible level of efficiency due to formation of the program of maintenance and repair. Considered the main indicators of reliability and technique of definition of functional refusals and their causes. It will allow to make in due time decisions on potential impacts on the used equipment. For these purposes it is offered to use «The chart of decision-making that provides essential extension of life cycle of work of the equipment».


Diagnostics, maintenance, reliability, indicators, efficiency, influence, critical refusal, equipment.

Issue number: 11
Year: 2016
UDK: 67.019
Authors: Goncharov A. B., Tulinov A. B., Perepechai B. A.

About authors: Goncharov A.B., Doctor of Technical Sciences, General Director, e-mail:, Tulinov A.B., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Chief Specialist, e-mail:, Perepechai B.A., head of MRO руководитель службы ТОиР, e-mail:, Mosintrast, 143405, Krasnogorsk, Russia.

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