The described problem of ventilation in potash mines associated with loss of moisture from the air. It is shown that in the warm season due to high humidity the condensation of moisture in the workings of the unloading of the yard in the winter is condensation evaporation of brines from the soil, transfer them to a distance of 3 km in the direction of motion of air flow and subsequent re-deposition. On the basis of the linear laws of thermodynamics the mathematical model of process migration of moisture, allowing calculated by evaluating the intensity moisture exchange processes between air and brine, as well as to determine the model of the transport distance of moisture depending on the initial values of temperature and humidity. The simulation results established that the amount of loss of moisture after the transfer of the air flow on the order of less than the amount of evaporation in the beginning. The conclusion that the only way to combat this negative process is a pre-dehumidification of ventilation air in the warm period of the year in the systems of air preparation.

This study has been supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, in the framework of the program «Analysis of Influence of Air Moisture Phase Transitions on Creation of Comfortable Conditions in Mines,» Project No. 15-05-04552.


Rock, destruction, scale effect, experiment, durability, heterogeneity, structure, size.

Issue number: 11
Year: 2016
UDK: 622.411
Authors: Kazakov B. P., Shalimov A. V., Zaytsev A. V.

About authors: Kazakov B.P., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher, e-mail:, Shalimov A.V., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Leading Researcher, e-mail:, Zaytsev A.V., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of Sector, e-mail:, Mining Institute of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, 614007, Perm, Russia.

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