In this paper unsteady heat conduction problem in rock mass is presented. Phase transition of groundwater for a single layer of rock mass is also considered. The numerical modeling of one and two adjacent freezing pipes damage and its influence on the ice wall thickness and growth rate is described. The thermal and geometric parameters used in solving the problem, are taken from the source data for the sinking shafts project of the Petrikov mine of Starobin potash salt deposit. It is shown that the adjacent freezing pipes damage problem leads to a slowing of ice wall growth rate and does not reduce its thickness in case of considered geometry and thermophysical properties.

This study has been supported by the President of the Russian Federation, Grant No. MD7047.2015.5.


Ice wall, heat conductivity, Stefan problem, shaft sinking, freezing pipes damage, numerical simulation.

Issue number: 11
Year: 2016
UDK: 622.253.35
Authors: Levin L. Yu., Kolesov E. V., Semin M. A.

About authors: Levin L.Yu., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Deputy Director on Scientific Work, e-mail: Aerologlev@mail.ru, Kolesov E.V., Engineer, Master of Science in Physics, e-mail: kolesovev@gmail.com, Semin M.A., Engineer, Master of Science in Mechanics, e-mail: mishkasemin@gmail.com, Mining Institute of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, 614007, Perm, Russia.

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