In intensive electromagnetic fields the dispersion of portland, magnesium and alumina cement have been carried out to obtain sub-nano and nano particle dimensions. There have been also studied crushing and particle activation influence on the properties of materials to be obtained. It has been shown that nano-dispersion of cement in electromagnetic fields brings about sharp changes to properties of both watered mass and consolidated material.
Nano-dispersion of portland and magnesium cement increases the speed of consolidation at initial stage (1 day) by 2–4 times, it also helps to increase standard strength by 1,8–2 times (28 days), and also leads to many-fold increase in water, frost and wear resistance of materials.
Nano-cement mixtures at watering stage have low water consumption when we speak about creation of convenient mass ready to use; nano-dispersion of cement reduces life-time of watered fixtures.
The study results have shown that nano-cement based materials can be prospective in spezial-type construction, in underground and hydrotechnical construction, for aerodynamic coatings etc.


Subnano- and nanodispersion of cement, dispersion and activation of particles in electromagnetic fields, physical-mechanical properties of materials, water and frost resistance of materials.

Issue number: 2
Year: 2017
UDK: 666.946.4
Authors: Tyul’nin V. A., Kotlyarova N. B.

About authors: Tyul’nin V.A., Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Kotlyarova N.B., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Leading Specialist, National University of Science and Technology «MISiS», 119049, Moscow, Russia, e-mail:

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