The features of the constructions the underground pumped-storage stations are presented. The new trend of underground power – complex pumped-storaged station- nuclear power station are considered. The possibility of use the worked out mined excavations for underground pumped-storage stations are studied. Modern underground pumped storage plant can be performed in the newly passable workings via a vertical shaft and a spiral access tunnel


Underground, pumped-storage, station, machine hall, lower basin worked out mined excavation.

Issue number: 2
Year: 2017
UDK: 620.9
Authors: Kokosadze A. E.

About authors: Kokosadze A.E., First Deputy General Director –Executive Director, JSC «Institute Orgenergostroy», Moscow, Russia, e-mail: post@ioes.ru, Fellow of the Nuclear Society of Russia and Tunneling Association of Russia.

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