Construction technologies for subway objects are selected based on the integrated analysis of the construction conditions with regard to various factors, including process solutions, geological and hydrogeological conditions, social-and-ecological conditions of arrangement of new metro lines in the developed urban environment, as well as state of economy.
Tunnel lining should bear perimeter-wise rock pressure, hydrostatic pressure of groundwater, temporal loads from the ground surface (given shallow tunnels), seismicity and other impacts, and is to possess sufficient strength, stability and water tightness. Safe operation of underground objects in subways requires continuous control of variation in stresses and strains of the tunnels.
The basic elements of the automated monitoring system are the high-accuracy robotic tacheometer and reflectors—mini-prisms with L attachments. Determination of coordinates of the reflectors and measured data transmission are implemented in automated mode using a dedicated program.


Underground construction, rock pressure, stress–strain state, geomechanical monitoring, automated deformation monitoring, tunnel lining, structure deformation, technical state of structure, cracks, splits-off, failures, measurement data recording, high-accuracy robotic tacheometer, deformation grade, differential leveling, measurement accuracy.

Issue number: 5
Year: 2017
UDK: 528.482: 622.271. 001.63
Authors: Balovtsev S. V., Shevchuk R. V.

About authors: Balovtsev S.V., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor, e-mail:, Shevchuk R.V., Student, e-mail:, Mining Institute, National University of Science and Technology «MISiS», 119049, Moscow, Russia.


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