Recently, much attention is paid to the use of advanced techniques of separation of asbestos and rock. Selection of the separation characteristic for pre-enrichment of asbestos ore. Theoretical analysis of the possible signs of separation for optimum in technological and economic terms, involves the use of specific indicators, which should be divided into two main groups: static and technological. In this paper the following physical signs of asbestos ore separation: the mass fraction of magnetite (αm) and specific magnetic susceptibility (χ), the change of a good oscillating circuit (ΔQ), density.
A sign of the separation of magnetic separation at a specific magnetic susceptibility, rather than a mass fraction of magnetite. Given that of asbestos ores magnetic minerals present in sufficient amount only magnetite, the magnetic properties depend on the pieces of the mass fraction of magnetite. Laboratory studies have shown that the magnets contained in the chrysotile asbestos is not distributed evenly. The particles of ore containing chrysotile fibers react to a magnetic field, the particles that contain little or no asbestos were essentially non-magnetic. Tests have confirmed a large scale that the magnetic separation can be used at the processing plant as one of the stages of separation.
Studies have led to the asbestos-containing ore establishing communication between the magnetic properties and specific gravity of the individual particles and the mass fraction of the ore therein asbestos. It has been found that approximately 80–90% of the particles studied responds to a magnetic field. The serpentinite asbestos ores or fibrous serpentine chrysotile serpentinite is connected to the plate. If not all, then most of the chrysotile ore bodies contain magnetite. Magnetite in the fiber or fibrous serpentine unevenly distributed, but in most cases it is associated with chrysotile. Using these methods, the pre-separation of ore, using magnetic separation and separation by friction and elasticity allows you to allocate a significant portion of tailings and waste rock to get rich on the content of asbestos products.


Magnetic separation, friction devices, asbestos ore magnet preliminary enrichment, separation by friction and elasticity, efficiency Zverev.

Issue number: 5
Year: 2017
UDK: 622.741
Authors: Potapov V. Ya., Potapov V. V., Sviridov K. K., Lavrenov N. E.

About authors: Potapov V.Ya., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Assistant Professor, e-mail:, Potapov V.V., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor, Lavrenov N.E.1, Student, Sviridov K.K., Student, Ural State Mining University, 620144, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

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