In Central Kazakhstan open method is the extraction of granite. The technology of mining is accompanied by release of large amounts of dust. Dust in granite quarries is usually highly-dispersed composition. Studies show that the majority of particles (over 90%) has a size less than 5 microns.
Working in quarries exposures to mixed dust, is extremely diverse Mineralogy. It is known that the intensity of the dust emission depends on the nature of the process, strength and humidity of rocks, method of transportation and condition of roads, the orientation relative to the wind rose.
To reduce occupational diseases in the quarries used individual and collective protection. Among preventive measures aimed at improving the reactivity of the PR-organism and resistance of dust lungs, the greatest efficiency provide UV-irradiation, the inhibitory sclerotic efficiency provide UV-irradiation, the inhibitory sclerotic processes; alkaline inhalations, contributing to rehabilitation of the upper respiratory tract.
As the internal gidroservice wells in the period of negative temperatures you can also use snow-and-ice tamping the dust emission is reduced by 5–6 times.


Quarry, granite, reduction dust emission, mining operations, occupational diseases of dust etiology.

Issue number: 5
Year: 2017
UDK: 622.271: 613.633: 616
Authors: Malashkina V. A., Krivosheeva S. I.

About authors: Malashkina V.A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Scientific Supervisor, Krivosheeva S.I., Student, National University of Science and Technology «MISiS», 119049, Moscow, Russia, e-mail:

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