From 1980th years of the last century in the world milling combines are widely used to development of fields of solid minerals. Combines gained the greatest distribution on open-cast minings of coal, iron ore, nickel, bauxites, phosphorites, limestone, plaster, kimberlites, salts. Technology of development of fields milling combines in Russia call «layer-by-layer-band», meaning that the combine moves on the career field strips (for example, at the Wirtgen SM 4200 combine width of a strip constitutes 4,2 m), fulfilling the massif layers of the set capacity (capacity or depth of milling of breeds durability on monoaxial compression of 50 MPas the Wirtgen SM 4200 combine makes up to 0,83 m). This technology has many advantages over traditional technology of production as operation of the combine combines in itself the basis production cycle of mining: destruction of the massif, an otboyka, crushing of the beaten-off piece to the necessary size and loading of mineral in the vehicle though the scope of this technology can be limited.
So, for example, for development of the Oshurkovsky slozhnostrukturny field of apatite ore application of the traditional methods of production including explosions inadmissibly on ecological conditions. However and on – the layer and band technology with use of the milling combine won’t be cost-efficient as will lead to hashing of ores of different quality and dead rocks that will significantly increase costs for receipt of a commodity product. In this case it is necessary to have the constant managed control over quality of the extracted raw materials.
For the solution of this task the possibility of essential reducing impoverishment of mineral by separation of a flow of mountain weight into separate extraction portions in the course of production of which elementary cargo flows with the set high-quality characteristics are created is found. Such technology began to carry the name «layer-by-layer-portion» and confirmed the efficiency with natural observations and economic calculations.


Apatite, cold milling machines, complicated structure deposits, open pit mine, quality, losses, dilution, open pit mining, x-ray radiometric sorting.

Issue number: 5
Year: 2017
UDK: 622.2
Authors: Shvabenland E. E.

About authors: Shvabenland E.E., Head of Sector, Allrussian scientific-research institute of mineral resources named after N.M. Fedorovsky», 119017, Moscow, Russia, e-mail:

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