At the stage of transition from open pit to underground mining at kimberlite deposits in Yakutia, the urgent scientific-and-technical objective is to find promising methods and schemes for getting access to pit-bottom reserves, providing saving of capital and operating costs as well as reduced timing of commissioning of underground mine, and to substantiate ranges of efficient application of these methods and schemes. The features of hybrid mining of kimberlite are revealed in the article, namely: deep open pit (to 640 m), considerable depth of occurrence of useful reserves under the open pit bottom (to 900 m), and complicated climatic, geological and hydrogeological conditions. These features should be taken into account when developing the evaluation and selection procedure for the relevant methods and schemes for exposure of pit bottom reserves. The basic parameters and factors that influence efficiency of getting access to pit-bottom reserves in hybrid mining are determined and grouped. The resultant six scenarios of exposure of pit-bottom reserves differ in sequence, type and layout of basic access entries, the ranges of their efficient application are determined based on the criterion of total capital cost of construction of underground mine and operating expenditures connected with kimberlite haulage and hoisting. This criterion is variable depending on the diameter and occurrence depth of the pipe, and on the depth of the open pit mine.

These studies have been supported in the framework of the Integrated Program of Basic Research of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Substantiation of methods and stages of adapting mine-technical systems to variable mining conditions at complex-structure deep-level mineral deposits, Project No. 18-5-5-10.


Kimberlite deposit, hybrid mining, method to get access to reserves, scheme of getting access, parameters of getting access, influential factors, economical and mathematical modeling, discounted expenditures.

Issue number: 4
Year: 2018
UDK: 622.272.06
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2018-4-0-45-53
Authors: Sokolov I. V., Nikitin I. V.

About authors: Sokolov I.V., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of Laboratory, e-mail: geotech@igduran.ru, Nikitin I.V., Researcher, Institute of Mining of Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, 620075, Ekaterinburg, Russia.


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