The innovative methods to extend life of foreworn friction joints in machines and equipment in maintenance period consist in addition of motor oils with mineral tribotechnical compositions and with electric charges from portable transformer in the system of electric equipment of machines. An efficient approach to improving wear resistance and to extending life of forewarn friction parts is antifriction coating of the parts with various tribotechnical compositions included in standard lubrications during maintenance service. Addition of oils with chemically active substances, pulps of natural and artificial mineral particles, oil solutions of active organic substances, metallic salts of organic acids and electric charges at the voltage less than 1 W, which create wear-preventive coats improving adhesion of lubricants is technically and economically efficient at the profitability of 500—800 % and more. In-place service as a part of the general system of maintenance and repair agrees with all periods of life of machines and includes running-in, diagnosis, introduction of preventive triobotechnical compositions, cleaning of lubrication systems for motors, fuel feed and cooling units, and, above all, revitalization of foreworn units and parts by repair-and-recovery mixtures. In the latter case, mineral particles open catalytically active friction surfaces, are subjected to mechanical hardening, participate in adhesion, physicochemical processes, tribopolymerization and catalysis of triboprocesses. As a result, a repair-and-recovery coat is generated. Serpentine-based tribocompositions allow strong antifriction coating. Serpentine conditions formation of diamond-like carbon films. The films features high purity and hardness, unhide traces of mechanical treatment, contain carbon to 90 % and have resistance of 10—300 Ω/cm. The effect of the serpentine-based treatment becomes notable in an hour and is enhancing during operation even without tribomixtures. The lab-scale tribotechnical tests of tribocompositions and charge feed in oils prove the efficiency of the nonconventional tribotechnology.


Lubrication oils, tribotechnical repair-and-recovery compositions, electric charge, friction coefficient, wear.

Issue number: 5
Year: 2018
UDK: 621.43.068
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2018-5-0-144-150
Authors: Dunaev A. V.

About authors: Dunaev A.V., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher, The Federal agricultural research centre «All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Mechanization of Agriculture», 109428, Moscow, Russia, e-mail:


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