In real mines, rocks are exposed to both static and dynamic forces, for instance, under blasting. This article discusses lab-scale testing of strength of marmorized limestone samples from the Perevalnoe deposit, Republic of Dagestan, subjected to quasi-static and dynamic loading. The curves of strength and force impact in the form of load–relief cycles and blowing are obtained. The relationship between the acoustic Q-factor and strength is determined for both regimes of loading. The dynamic testing plant included the split Hopkinson pressure bars made of granite. The mentioned curves are approximated by the logarithmic function σst = 87,99 ∙ ln(Q) – 96,53 with the coefficient of determination R2 = 0.99 under the quasi-static testing and by the exponential function σdyn = 30,56 ∙ e0,11 ∙ Qwith R2 = 0.84 in case of the dynamic testing. Under the quasi-static loading, as the attacks are increased in number, the non-monotonous change is observed both in the strength and acoustic Q-factor of the samples. Under the dynamic loading, both values decrease.

This study was supported by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research and the R&D supporting fund for students, post-graduate students and young scientists—National Intelligent Development, Project No. 17-35-80028 mol_ev_a.


Аcoustic Q-factor, strength, quasi-static loading, dynamic loading, split Hopkinson pressure bars, marmorized limestone.

Issue number: 12
Year: 2018
UDK: 622.831:550.3
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2018-12-0-127-133
Authors: Kutkin Ya. O., Krasilov M. N., Nasibullin R. R., Tyutcheva A. O.

About authors: Kutkin Ya.O., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor, e-mail: kutnew@mail.ru, Krasilov M.N., Assistant of Chair, e-mail: krasilov.maksim.93@mail.ru, Nasibullin R.R., Student, e-mail: ram4ik10@mail.ru, Tyutcheva A.O., Student, e-mail: 9295947810@mail.ru, National University of Science and Technology «MISiS», 119049, Moscow, Russia.


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