With the recent advancement in microelectronics and application of new materials in UAV design, it is possible to have high-quality orthophotomaps and 3D terrain models. The new processing programs enable automation of conventional labor-intensive photogrammetric processes. Advantageous for low cost and operational flight arrangement, UAVs find wide application in architectural engineering, generation of GIS data bases, ground surface monitoring, etc. This study focuses on software-based optimization of surveying and geodesy using UAV. Development of the photogrammetry technologies and engineering of simple UAV equipped with photo and video cameras inspired interest of various specialists in aerophotography and its data interpretation with a view to obtaining and operating such geographic products as orthophotomaps, digital terrain models and three-dimensional models. The market offers a wide range of equipment (mostly UAVs) and software programs to this effect.


Аerophotorgaphy, unmanned aerial vehicles UAV, photogrammetry, orthophotomap, photogrammetric processing, 3D model, digital terrain model, GIS, image, camera calibration, gridding.

Issue number: 12
Year: 2018
UDK: 528.8
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2018-12-0-192-198
Authors: Tikhonov A. A., Akmatov D. Zh.

About authors: Tikhonov A.A., Student, e-mail:, Akmatov D.Zh., Student, e-mail:, Mining Institute, National University of Science and Technology «MISiS», 119049, Moscow, Russia.


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