Perspective ways of purification and tertiary treatment of sewage and circulating waters according to mining and geological conditions of the gold gravel deposit Srednaya Borzya located in Transbaikal region of Russian Federation are considered. There are the results of researches of water course protection from pollution at the cost of circulating water supply system of dredges and use of geotextile filters with filler from zeolite for advanced wastes treatment. The scheme of circulating water supply based on creation of the backwater dams equipped with reliable antifiltrational protective means has given. The technology of application of the combined protection of a dam including simultaneous use of antifiltrational screen and curtain is proved. As a result of the conducted researches it is identified that the geotextile material «Dornit» is the most acceptable for the antifiltrational screen creation in backwater dam and the antifiltrational curtain needs to be carried out on the basis of mud grouting of dam by application of a powder technical sodium-carboksimetcellulose (NaCKC) with the further alternate processing of rocks of wet dam slope by aqueous NaCKC’s solution and three-chloride iron (FeCl3). Three stages of purification of sewage and circulating waters are considered and are offered to implementation for decrease negative ecological impact on watercourse: 1 — gravitational settling of coarse-particle particles in settler; 2 —physical and chemical purification of finely dispesed impurity with use of coagulants and flocculants; 3 — tertiary treatment of technological water on geotextile filters with filler from zeolite. The scheme of circulating water supply of dredges allows not only to reduce the content of pollutants of sewage and circulating waters to norms of maximum permissible concentrations and to bring them to a state close to background and the scheme also resolves issues of Environment and Natural Resource Management to decrease in filtrational losses of the polluted waters from settlers, improves conditions of mining and reduces amount of works on surface recultivation, reduces operational and technological losses of precious metal and in general increases efficiency of gold dust flushing.


Gravel deposit, dragging, water supply system, suspended matters, geotextile filter, zeolite, purification and tertiary treatment of sewage and circulating waters.

Issue number: 2
Year: 2019
ISBN: 622.271.1
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2019-02-0-58-68
Authors: Subbotin Yu. V., Oveshnikov Yu. M., Avdeev P. B.

About authors: Subbotin Yu.V., Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, e-mail: ogr_chitgu@mail.ru, Oveshnikov Yu.M., Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Head of Chair, e-mail: ogr_chitgu@mail.ru, Avdeev P.B., Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Dean of Mining Faculty, e-mail: chita-apb@yandex.ru, Transbaikal State University, 672000, Chita, Russia.


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