The purpose of this research is to substantiate the rational operation modes of the milling-forming machine in the field sod peat production by method of crack milling. To achieve this goal, a laboratory experiment of crushing and forming moor peat on different modes is held with the help of screw press. Energy intensity was evaluated in the course of the experiment process. Variables served screw speed, diameter of the forming nozzle and the step turn of the screw. The criterion of rationality was considered the minimum intensity combined with the required density of sod peat, measured after sod shadow drying. The research introduced a new term — pressure coefficient, required for use of the results obtained under production conditions using the method of geometric similarity. The results of the experiment showed that there is minimum zone intensity process on all investigated modes. The best rational is forming mode with the rotational speed of the screw 220—320 rpm and use screw from step turns equal to half its diameter at pressure coefficient 2,22. Regulation of pressure coefficient by method of installing the required number of nozzles of the specified diameter will achieve the rational mode of forming in the production conditions.


Sod peat, forming, shadow drying, specific energy, a screw press, crushing, density, strength.

Issue number: 2
Year: 2019
ISBN: 622.331.002.5
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2019-02-0-163-171
Authors: Yablonev A. L., Guseva A. M.

About authors: Yablonev A.L., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor, Professor, e-mail: alvovich@mail.ru, Guseva A.M., Senior Lecturer, e-mail: guseva_ann@mail.ru, Tver State Technical University (TvSTU), 170035, Tver, Russia.


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