Mining informational and analytical bulletin. №5/2019


Russian version


Rock failure



P. 5-12

Zakharov V. N., Linnik V. Yu., Linnik Yu. N., Zhabin A. B.

Classification of coal seams by features of geological structure and characteristics of breaking




Geotechnology (underground, open and construction)



P. 13-21

Dragunskiy O. N.

Breaking inversions in open pit mines using induced ventilation facilities


P. 22-33

Zubov V. P., Kovalski E. R., Antonov S. V., Pachgin V. V.

Improving the safety of mines in developing Verkhnekamsk potassium and magnesium salts


P. 34-43

Kalybekov T., Rysbekov K. B., Toktarov A. A., Otarbaev O. M.

Underground mine planning with regard to preparedness of mineral reserves


P. 44-50

Shuplik M. N., Vakulenko I. S.

Features of frozen wall formation after cooling agent delivery termination in freezing pipes




Mine aerogasdynamics



P. 51-58

Fedorov E. V., Shenin D. S.

Experimental evaluation data on gas content of working coal seams in Kirov Mine




Geoecology of mining industry



P. 59-71

Konnova N. I.

Compound phosphoric–zeolitic fertilizers—A new approach to improvement of offgrade phosphate rock efficiency







P. 72-79

Kramarov S. O., Khramov V. V., Mityasova O. Yu.

Satellite identification of mineral deposits under open pit mining




Mining geophysics



P. 80-88

Dorokhin К. А.

Experience of borehole seismic sounding for the assessment of physical state of rock mass using 2D and 3D representations


P. 89-96

Nikolenko P. V., Shkuratnik V. L.

Laboratory setup for ultrasonic testing of rock samples in variable temperature and pressure conditions


P. 97-110

Lebedev M. O., Romanevich K. V.

Engineering and geophysical research in reconstruction of underground structures


P. 111-123

Trushko V. L., Gospodarikov A. P., Sozonov K. V.

Calculation of stress state in ore and backfill during mining in Yakovlevskoe iron ore deposit


P. 124-132

Andrianov S. V.

GPR monitoring of space between lining and rock in underground mines


P. 133-148

Filimonov K. A., Renev A. A., Kucherenko A. V., Grechishkin P. V.

Influence of longwalling on reinforced roadways in pillars in Yalevsky Mine


P. 149-155

Fedorov G. B., Dudchenko O. L., Kurenkov D. S.

Construction of underground structures in saline deposits using acoustic vibrations







P. 156-172

Kossovich E. L., Epshtein S. A., Borodich F. M., etc.

Connections between micro/nano scale heterogeneity of mechanical properties of coals and their propensity to outbursts and crushing




Mining industrial geology



P. 173-180

Ageev A. S., Ilalova R. K., Duryagina A. M., Talovina I. V.

A link between spatial distribution of the active tectonic dislocation and groundwater water resources in the Baikal-Stanovaya shear zone




Mining machinery and equipment



P. 181-188

Atakulov L. N., Sheshko O. E.

Improvement of economic efficiency of the high-angle conveyor KNK-270 at Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat




Enrichment of minerals



P. 189-199

Gzogyan S. R.

Magnetite and quartz surface condition in ferro-magnetic suspension


P. 200-208

Kuznetsova I. N., Lavrinenko A. A., Shrader E. A., Sarkisova L. M.

Reduction in flotationactive silicate recovery in bulk concentrate of low-sulphide platinum-metal ore




Labor protection in mining



P. 209-216

Malashkina V. A., Kopylova A.

Review of periodic evaluation of working environment in mines in the Republic of Kazakhstan




Special editions GIAB



P. 50

Team of authors

Underground coal mining of the XXI century-3


P. 123

Team of authors

Problems of development of georesources of The Russian Far East and countries of the Asia-Pacific region




The deposited manuscripts



P. 21

Dmitrieva V. V., Frolova A. Yu., Prishepenkov S. A.

Design of an integrated model «belt conveyor — electric drive»


P. 96

Shogenova Z. A.

Improvement of the technology of management of design and realization of drilling-explosion works on the basis of using three- dimensional models of the strength of the massifies of mountain definitions, determined in the process of characteristics of the array


P. 172

Dmitrieva V. V., Gavrilov A. A.

Modeling of soft starter for asynchronous motor

Issue number: 5
Year: 2019

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