Mining informational and analytical bulletin №1/2020

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Mining World 2020

Enrichment of minerals

Improvement of reagent regimes to recover phosphate minerals from fine ore and waste
Barmin I. S., Morozov V. V., Polivanskaya V. V.
Intensification of heap leaching of gold from finely dispersed ore using nanotechnologies
Vorob'ev A. E., Chekushina T. V., Kaki Christophe, Tcharo Honore, Vorob'ev K. A.

Mine.aerogasdynamics, Mining thermophysics

Problems of dust control in coal mines
Kudryashov V. V, Kubrin S. S., Kosterenko V. N., Tereshkin A. I.

Mining industrial geology, Mining geophysics

Mechanism of methane outbursting in coal seams
Kolesnichenko I. E., Kolesnichenko E. A., Lyubomishchenko E. I., Kolesnichenko E. I. 

Mining machinery

Radial strains in two-stage hydraulic extension legs
Byakov M. A., Buyalich G. D., Buyalich K. G., Uvakin S. V.
Mining World Russia
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