Mining informational and analytical bulletin №12/2019

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Geomechanics, Rock failure

Potential rockburst hazard on lower levels of the Shanuch deposit
Aynbinder I. I., Ovcharenko O. V., Patskevich P. G.
 Assessment of rock mass behavior based on its geology analysis and stress state modeling
Babello V. A., Beydin A. V., Smolich S. V., Ovseychuk V. A.

Enrichment of minerals

Enhancement of metal recovery by activation of leaching solution
Aben E. Kh., Rustemov S. T., Bakhmagambetova G. B., Akhmetkhanov D.


Improvement of the analysis and calculation methods of mine shaft design
Pleshko M. S., Sil’chenko Yu. A., Pankratenko A. N., Nasonov A. A.
Prospects of high benching in hybrid mining of the Svetlinskoe gold deposit
Fedotenko V. S., Strukov K. I., Berger R. V. 

Markshadering, Geometry of subsoil

Mining industrial geology, Mining geophysics

Single channel seismic sounding in geological engineering survey
Bashilov I. P., Vereshchagin A. A., Zagorskiy L. S., etc. 

Safety in emergency

Evaluation of endogenous fire precautions in coal mines
Portola V. A., Ovchinnikov A. E., Zhdanov A. N.
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