It is shown that cement production has a significant place in the pollution of the environment. It describes the main stages of the cement production. There are given the difference between wet and dry production methods. List the main directions of ecological modernization of cement production, which, according to the authors, include the transition from wet to dry process mostly cement production; reducing the amount of cement dust; creation of closed water systems that reduce the amount of discharge of pollutants; implementation of environmental management systems; the principle of best available technologies.


Сement production, wet and dry process of cement, fine dust, cleaning filters, environmental management system, modernization of production, best available technology.

Issue number: 7
Year: 2016
UDK: 338:504
Authors: Korobova O. S., Tkacheva A. S.

About authors: Korobova O. S., Doctor of Economical Sciences, Professor, Tkacheva A. S., Magister, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, 113093, Moscow, Russia.

REFERENCES: 1. Durov V. V. Tsement i ego primenenie. 1998, no 6, pp. 2–3.
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3. Navstrechu «sukhomu zakonu» dlya tsementnoy promyshlennosti (Towards the «dry law» for the cement industry). Stroitel’nyy ekspert.

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