The article describes the method of investigating effect of inhibitors and phlegmatizers on detonation combustion of coal dust. The topicality of the study ensues from the lack of knowledge on explosion of hybrid mixtures and on influence of detonation inhibitors used in explosion suppression. The method rests on the international standards and on the personal experience gained by the authors of the article. The general layout of the testing facility is presented with the details of its core part. The tests are carried out in a spherical blasting chamber with a volume of 20 liters. The measurement equipment is described and the laboratory experimentation guidelines are proposed. The results are processed using ExTest application software system. The initiation device is described particularly, and composition of the chemical igniter is presented. The authors provide recommendations on improving accuracy of investigations and reliability of lab-scale measurements. The particulate composition of coal dust is evaluated based on physicochemical characteristics, and advisable size ranges for testing are given per fractions. The experimental results obtained using the described method are depicted by graphic charts. The investigation methods advantages and disadvantages are described.


Investigation method, blast, inflammation, coal dust, inhibition, phlegmatization, explosion suppression, laboratory testing facility, rate of pressure rise during explosion, spherical blasting chamber.

Issue number: 5
Year: 2018
UDK: 622.814
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2018-5-0-26-34
Authors: Abiev Z. A., Rodionov V. A., Paramonov G. P., Chernobay V. I.

About authors: Abiev Z.A. (1), Graduate Student, e-mail:, Paramonov G.P. (1), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, e-mail:, Chernobaj V.I. (1), Candidate of Technical Sciences, e-mail:, Rodionov V.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor, e-mail:, Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 1) Saint Petersburg Mining University, 199106, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


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