The proposed GIS allows creating true solid geomechanical models based on the existing and replenished data bases on geometry of current underground excavations as well as enables planning and design of operations on new horizons. The developed web application generates finite element grid of a mine field fragment using open license programs well-reputed in atomic power station design, among other things. Solution of this complex program involved structuring and communication of data sheets; filling of data bases with information about Belaruskali Mine 4 field with a view to testing the GIS pilot version; activation of data bases and connection with the pilot GIS; test check of data base operability in 3D geomechanical modeling using the pilot GIS. As a result, the pilot GIS has been developed and deployed in one of the promising mine areas of potash deposits in the Republic of Belarus, exposed to dynamic phenomena due to roof rock pressure.


Geoinformation system, finite element grid, geomechanical calculations, rock mass stress state, data base, mine field, web application.

Issue number: 8
Year: 2018
UDK: 622.831
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2018-8-0-184-191
Authors: Smaluk A. F., Slavashevich S. I., Misnikov V. A., Kravchuk A. S.

About authors: Smaluk A.F., Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Leading Researcher, Belarusian National Technical University, 220013, Minsk, Belarus, Slavashevich S.I., Leading Engineer, JSC «Belaruskaliy», 223710, Soligorsk, Belarus, Misnikov V.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Leading Researcher, Institute of Mining, 223710, Soligorsk, Belarus, Kravchuk A.S., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,Professor, Assistant Professor, e-mail:, Belarusian State University, 220030, Minsk, Belarus.


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