Mining informational and analytical bulletin №2/2020

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Mining World 2020

Geomechanics, Rock failure

Design of control elements for emulsion explosive energy with programmable initiation
Overchenko M. N., Mozer S. P., Tolstunov S. A., Belin V. A.
Assessment of seismic impacts on stability of openings in underground mines
Tsibaev S. S., Renev A. A., Pozolotin A. S., Mefodiev S. N.

Energetics and energy efficiency of mining industry

Enrichment of minerals

Labor protection in mining

Mine.aerogasdynamics, Mining thermophysics

Air exchange dynamics in the system of large cross-section blind roadways
Maltsev S. V., Kazakov B. P., Isaevich A. G., Semin M. A.

Safety in emergency

Influence of structural nonuniformity on features of thermal decomposition in coal
Ulyanova E. V., Malinnikova O. N., Pashichev B. N.

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