On-line submission

Registration and login are required to submit items online on the MIAB www.giab-online.ru home page. Registered Users may enter the system directly.

Authors may create Personal Accounts to submit manuscripts online, to get information on the status of the submission, to find comments from reviewers and editors, to provide feedback and submit revised manuscript, to change the e-mail address or password, and to edit personal information.

Before submission, the Authors should complete a personal information form. Click on “Submit New Manuscript”. This will automatically display the personal information form if it is unfilled.

It is recommended that all co-authors are registered and logged in, and provide the required personal data.

In the submission form, the Author may choose co-authors from the existing list, or add names of co-authors. The order of co-authors may be changed if necessary.

When submitting the manuscript, please attach the recommendation from your institution (download sample), the claim for publication (download sample), expert opinion (free form) and figures from the article if any. The Author may download samples of documents from Personal Account (click on ‘Documents’ on the left).

The Author receives automatic e-mail notification when the status of the manuscript changes.

Status messages:

—received by the Editorial Office;

—standard compliance tracking;

—standard compliance tracking’s comments are sent;

—under reviewing process;

—reviewer’s comments are sent;

—under second reviewing;

—accepted for publication;

—considered by the editorial board.


Подписка на рассылку

Раз в месяц Вы будете получать информацию о новом номере журнала, новых книгах издательства, а также о конференциях, форумах и других профессиональных мероприятиях.