Application prospects for ejector dredges in cleaning of sludge collectors at processing plants

From the analysis of growth prospects in coal production and increased coal quality standards, this study defines a trend of high-rate construction of processing plants (PP) in the Kemerovo Region, which governs rapid development of the advanced technologies for coal mining/handling and sludge management. According to the objectives to be met to improve operation of water-and-sludge facilities at PP in Kuzbass, and with regard to performance of hydraulic dredge UGB-2M in re-excavation of watered sand and gravel deposits in the Moscow Region, it was decided to analytically justify applicability of this equipment in extraction and hydraulic handling of sludge for its further utilization. The basis of such applicability is the difference in physical and mechanical characteristics of sludge and sand/gravel mix, which should ensure a noticeable increase in productivity of the dredge in operation at tailings ponds. The technical approach, appropriate computation and the found variation range of the hourly solid intake of dredge UGB-2M in different geotechnical conditions of the machine operation—haulage distance and geodetic hoist height at different diameters of sludge pipe, make it possible to consider promising to use mobile ejector dredges for cleaning of sludge collectors at PP in Kuzbass. The industrial application range of hydraulic dredges UGB-2M in extraction of tailings ponds is determined. For operational planning services, to determine productivity of hydraulic dredge UGB-2M in cleaning of a sludge pit at production field, the simplified empirical relations are proposed to predict variation in the hourly solid (sludge) intake of the dredge per each feasible diameter of sludge pipe at displacement of the sludge outlet point or upon changing the sludge haulage distance or geodetic height. The statistical assessment of the relations shows high reliability of calculations from these empirical formulas.

Keywords: coal preparation, hydraulic mining, sludge collectors, coal sludge management, productivity, hydraulic dredge, industrial application range, empirical hourly productivity relations.
For citation:

Fedotenko V. S., Korjakin A. A. Application prospects for ejector dredges in cleaning of sludge collectors at processing plants. MIAB. Mining Inf. Anal. Bull. 2022;(9):15-28. [In Russ]. DOI: 10.25018/0236_1493_2022_9_0_15.

Issue number: 9
Year: 2022
Page number: 15-28
ISBN: 0236-1493
UDK: 622.271.3:622.7:662.654.1
DOI: 10.25018/0236_1493_2022_9_0_15
Article receipt date: 10.01.2022
Date of review receipt: 24.05.2022
Date of the editorial board′s decision on the article′s publishing: 10.08.2022
About authors:

V.S. Fedotenko1, Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Leading Researcher, e-mail:, ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2082-6040,
A.A. Korjakin1, Graduate Student, e-mail:,
1 Institute of Problems of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources of Russian Academy of Sciences, 111020, Moscow, Russia.


For contacts:

V.S. Fedotenko, e-mail:


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