Increasing the safety of formation automotive dumps on quarry

the article concerns a described mechanized complex for dump of rock delivered by the tip-lorry to the heap with subsequent compaction of the waste space surface. The use of this mechanized complex allows to increase the work safety during dumping and reduce the expensive equipment fleet used for these purposes. It is proposed to fill the dump with the help of a self-propelled vibration dumper. The construction of a self-propelled vibration dumper is based on a vibration-transporting device with two self-synchronizing unbalanced vibration exciters. The compaction is carried out by a self-propelled vibration device for forming a stable dump mass that implements the compaction mode in a limited space by a function vibration element with a polyharmonic oscillations. The relations of the structural and dynamic parameters of vibration transporters are obtained by the method of physical modeling and ensuring the stability of the synchronous mode of vibration sources. The findings of field tests are presented in conclusion.

Keywords: safety, dumping, vibration, overburden rocks, vibration device for forming stable dump mass, compaction, function element, polyharmonic oscillations, compaction.
For citation:

Kulikova E. G. , Morozov A. V. Increasing the safety of formation automotive dumps on quarry. MIAB. Mining Inf. Anal. Bull. 2022;(5—2):91—100. [In Russ]. DOI: 10.25018/0236_1493_2022_52_0_91.


The study was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Project No. АААА-А17-117122090003-2.

Issue number: 5
Year: 2022
Page number: 91-100
ISBN: 0236-1493
UDK: 622.271
DOI: 10.25018/0236_1493_2022_52_0_91
Article receipt date: 29.09.2021
Date of review receipt: 23.03.2022
Date of the editorial board′s decision on the article′s publishing: 10.04.2022
About authors:

Kulikova E. G.1, Cand. Sci. (Eng.), research associate, e-mail:, ORCID 0000-0003-2392-4567;
Morozov A. V.1, research associate, e-mail:, ORCID 0000-0001-5218-4858;
1 Chinakal Institute of Mining, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia, 630099;


For contacts:

Morozov A. V., e-mail:


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