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Mining combine screw executive body design

The paper analyzes the existing designs and schemes for the placement of screw cutters of the executive bodies of cleaning combines and considers the issues of increasing the efficiency of coal separation from the array. The analysis of the experience of operating screw executive bodies in coal mines of the Russian Federation is given. The factors influencing the failure rate of screw actuators equipped with tool holders with tangential rotary cutters are analyzed. The reasons influencing the intensity of wear of the specified elements of the executive bodies of cleaning combines in specific mining and geological conditions of their operation are revealed. The values of the main parameters of the installation of tangential rotary cutters are determined. Additions and clarifications to the methodology for calculating and selecting the values of the design parameters of the screw executive body of the cleaning combine are proposed, depending on the strength properties of the coal seam and the host rocks. The main attention is paid to the placement of cutter cutters on the screw executive body, which work in the most severe conditions, blocked and angular sections. The main approach in the design of screw executive bodies equipped with tangential rotary cutters is aimed at the manufacturability of their manufacture. To increase the resource of the screw executive body, it is proposed to apply a special mesh with carbide electrodes to the tool holders, shell and blades for self-lining of working surfaces.

Keywords: mining combine, screw executive, cutter, cutting, arrangement of cutters, wear, efficiency.
For citation:

Gabov V. V., Zadkov D. A., Pryaluhin A. F., Sadovsky M. V., Molchanov V. V. Mining combine screw executive body design. MIAB. Mining Inf. Anal. Bull. 2023;(11-1):51-71. [In Russ]. DOI: 10.25018/0236_1493_2023_111_0_51.

Issue number: 11
Year: 2023
Page number: 51-71
ISBN: 0236-1493
UDK: 622.23.05
DOI: 10.25018/0236_1493_2023_111_0_51
Article receipt date: 06.07.2023
Date of review receipt: 01.09.2023
Date of the editorial board′s decision on the article′s publishing: 10.10.2023
About authors:

V.V. Gabov1, Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Professor, e-mail:, ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6587-2446,
D.A. Zadkov1, Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assistant Professor, e-mail:, ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1709-431X,
A.F. Pryaluhin1, Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assistant Professor, e-mail:, ORCID ID: 0009-0008-7643-7918,
M.V. Sadovsky, Leading Design Engineer, LLC «GRINS Mining», 654015, Novokuznetsk, Russia, e-mail:,
V.V. Molchanov, Design Engineer, LLC «Gorny instrument», 654015, Novokuznetsk, Russia, e-mail:,
1 Empress Catherine II Saint-Petersburg Mining University, 199106, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


For contacts:

D.A. Zadkova, e-mail:


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