Technology of advance cutting of sloping and steeply pitching coal seams using hydraulic backhoe excavators

The advance cutting technology aims to maximize beneficial use of technological capability of different type excavating machines—power shovels and hydraulic backhoes. This technology is named as conversion of a coal zone into a no coal zone by means of layer-bylayer cutting of coal-and-rock blocks. Bucket capacities of cutting and loading equipment employed in open pit mines vary in wide ranges. In terms of a certain type of cutting machines, hydraulic backhoe excavators offer a variety of bucket capacities and, furthermore, replaceability of the bucket (the generic model of excavator can have up to 5 alternative combinations of the arm length and bucket capacity). Power shovels lack such an option. Thus, it is necessary to select a hydraulic backhoe model to be used in actual mining as power shovels are assigned a subordinate part of stripping in the no coal zone. This article reviews some guidelines on selection of a hydraulic backhoe excavator model for preliminary layer-by-layer cutting of coal and performs modeling of coal-and-rock block conversion to no coal blocks. The tentative conclusion states that the length of the coal mining front obeys the quadratic relation with the dip angle of coal seams.

Keywords: open pit mining, coal zone, no coal zone, hydraulic backhoe excavators, face power shovels, advance mining, coal-and rock blocks, structurally complex deposits.
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Katsubin A. V., Khoreshok A. A., Tyulenev M. A., Markov S. O. Technology of advance cutting of sloping and steeply pitching coal seams using hydraulic backhoe excavators. MIAB. Mining Inf. Anal. Bull. 2020;(11):27-36. [In Russ]. DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2020-110-27-36.

Issue number: 11
Year: 2020
Page number: 27-36
ISBN: 0236-1493
UDK: 622.271.3
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2020-11-0-27-36
Article receipt date: 18.03.2020
Date of review receipt: 15.07.2020
Date of the editorial board′s decision on the article′s publishing: 10.10.2020
About authors:

A.V. Katsubin1, Graduate Student; Director of Surface Mining Office, JSC «SUEK-Kuzbass», SUEK-Kuzbass JSC, 652507, Leninsk-Kuznetskiy, Russia
A.A. Khoreshok1, Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Professor, Director of Mining Institute, e-mail:,
M.A. Tyulenev1, Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assistant Professor, Professor, e-mail:,
S.O. Markov1, Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assistant Professor,
1 T. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University, 650000, Kemerovo, Russia.


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A.A. Khoreshok, e-mail:


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