Theoretical generalization of modes and modeling of performance criteria of cutter–loaders

The capacity calculations for cutter–loaders in specific geological conditions of open pit mining are meant for the operation scheduling and rating, dump truck selection and efficient mode determination. In specific conditions of open pit mining, the capacity of a cutter–loader is governed by many natural, geotechnical and organizational factors which are difficult to embrace in totally while they have influence on design parameters of cutter–loaders. Inherently, most factors are of a probabilistic nature. Consequently, it is expedient to evaluate cutter–loader capacity in each specific case, based on the integrated consideration of variation in multi-factor operating conditions and technical state of technologically interlocked equipment. This article addresses theoretical generalization of operating modes and modeling of performance criteria of cutter–loaders with regard to constantly changing physical and mechanical properties of rocks on the excavation site, process variables of faces, design and power data of cutter–loaders, reliable performance probability, random arrival of dump trucks, cuter–loader operator’s skills and climatic conditions.

Keywords: rocks, cutter–loader, face, operation site, design and power parameters, reliability, capacity per hour, capacity per shift, method, mathematical modeling, calculation program, analytical relationship, rotational angle, lumpiness.
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Mislibayev I. T., Makhmudov A. M., Makhmudov Sh. A. Theoretical generalization of modes and modeling of performance criteria of cutter–loaders. MIAB. Mining Inf. Anal. Bull. 2021;(1):102-110. [In Russ]. DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2021-1-0-102-110.

Issue number: 1
Year: 2021
Page number: 102-110
ISBN: 0236-1493
UDK: 622.271.4
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2021-1-0-102-110
Article receipt date: 11.02.2020
Date of review receipt: 23.03.2020
Date of the editorial board′s decision on the article′s publishing: 10.12.2020
About authors:

I.T. Mislibayev1, Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Assistant Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Mining,
A.M. Makhmudov1, Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assistant Professor, Head of Chair, e-mail:,
Sh.A. Makhmudov1, Doctorial Student, e-mail:,
1 Navoiy State Mining Institute, Navoiy, Uzbekistan.


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Sh.A. Makhmudov, e-mail:


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