N. V. Zhuravleva — Doctor of Engineering, West-Siberian Test Operations Center, Novokuznetsk, Russia

Natalia Zhuravleva
Graduated cum laude from the Kemerovo State University in 1985. Defended dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Chemical Sciences on specialty 02.00.20 Chromatography before the committee for the defence of dissertations at the Institute of Reagents and Highly Purified Materials, Moscow. The dissertation topic: Physicochemical Properties of Microspheric Silicone Gel for Highly Efficient Liquid Chromatography (Research Supervisor — Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor K. I. Sakodynsky). From 1 Nov 2012 till 31 Oct 2015 studied at the doctorate at the Institute of Coal Chemistry and Material Science of the Federal Research Center for Coal and Coal Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (order No. 62/k dated 29 Oct 2012). 
Academic degree and rank: 
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor. 
Area of research expertise: 
Chemistry and chemical technology. 
Professional activity: 
Head of Department of Chromatology, Ecology and Oil Products at the West-Siberian Test Operations Center (1997–2016) and Associate Professor at the Department of General and Analytical Chemistry at the Siberian State Industrial University (2003–2016). At the present time—Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Research and Innovations at the West-Siberian Test Operations Center. 
Registration certificates and membership: 
Corresponding member of the Russian Ecological Academy.
Place of work: 
West-Siberian Test Operations Center. 
Contact details: 
West-Siberian Test Operations Center, 9 Ordzhonikidze Str., Novokuznetsk, Russia 
+7 (3843) 74-57-22
Personal webpage: 

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