S. A. Silyutin — Candidate of Engineering Sciences, SUEK


Date of birth:
September 25,1956

High education 

Academic degree and rank: 
Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor.

Area of research expertise: 
Mineral mining. Coal preparation. Coal quality management. Microelements in combustible minerals. Use of solid waste of coal mining and preparation. Deep conversion of coal. 

Professional activity: 
Mining Engineer. Head of Coal Preparation and Coal Quality Department, Production Office, SUEK Group. 

Selected publications: 
S.A. Silyutin is the author of 80 publications, including: 
1. Classification of solid fuels and their processing products depending on the content of microelements Khim. Tverd. Tela 2016 No 6 pp 3–10 
2. Technology of electromagnetic dynamic crushing and milling Proc. XVIII Int. Congr. on Coal Preparation June 2016 
3. Use of Solid Waste of Coal Mining and Preparation Vol 5 Book 3 Moscow: Gornoe Delo 2013 P 431 (in Russian) 
4. Quality of SUEK Coal Vol 5 Book 1 Moscow: Kuchkovo Pole 2011 P 576 (in Russian) 

Miner’s Glory, I, II and III Degree. 

Place of work: 
SUEK Group. 

Contact details:
+7 (495) 795-25-38, ex. 39-16. +7 (968) 963-23-61.

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