A. V. Lyakhomsky — Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia

Alexander V. Lyakhomsky

Date of birth: June 26, 1946.


Graduated cum laude from the Moscow Mining Institute in 1971 with speciality in electrification and automation of mining.  

Candidate of Science Degree — 1977; Doctoral Degree — 1990 at the Chair of Mine Electrification at the Moscow Mining Institute.

Academic degree and rank:

Candidate of Engineering Sciences since 1977; Doctor of Engineering since 1991; Professor since 2001; Member of the Academy of Mining Sciences since 2004.

Research area: energy saving and energy efficiency in the mineral mining industry.

Professional activities: 

Developed a series of new training courses for specialization in electric drives and automation of industrial installation and production facilities; initiated and actively contributed to a new speciality in energy consumption management in mines for training qualified personnel to improve energy efficiency and performance in the mineral mining and processing industry. Trained more than 150 electric mining engineers. Co-authored two textbooks under signature of the Ministry of Education of Russia, authors and co-authored 25 educational procedures, including 7 training and guidance manuals.

Selected papers, presentations and monographs

Published more than 160 papers in public periodicals, including 6 articles in scientific journals indexed in the database Scopus.

Affiliation: NUST MISIS.

Contact details:

E-mail: mggu.eegp@mail.ru

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