A. V. Zatonsky — Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Berezniki Division of the Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Berezniki, Russia

Andrey V. Zatonsky

Academic degree and rank: Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Area of research : Engineering sciences

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Education: Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Head of the Engineering Procedure Automation Department at the Berezniki Division of the Perm National Research Polytechnic University.

Silver medal graduator of Pushkin School No. 1 in Berezniki, Perm Region in 1987. Laureate of municipal, regional and national Olympiads on Physics. In 1987 Andrey became a full-time student at the Power-Plant Engineering Department of the Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School and was specializing in Aircraft Jet Engines. In 1993 he graduated cum laude from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University as a qualified engineer of jet engines. In 1996 he protected Candidate of Engineering Sciences dissertation on Speciality 05.07.05: Jet Engines under the topic: Numerical Modeling and Computation of Flow and Heat Exchange in Systems with Interchannel Transpiration of Heat Source. He finished the postgraduate study in 1996 in connection with the advance protection of the dissertation. In 1996 Andrey Zatonsky came back to Berezniki and entered Bridge Construction Squad 59 of Uralmostostroy JSC as a programmer engineer. He provided local network management, Internet access setting, routing and service, program design and introduction in accounting, construction computations, office administration, he was also in charge of foreign software installation and setting, communication tuning and servicing, layout of elaborated paperwork and Internet site maintenance.

Educational activity:
Manager of two R&D projects supported by the national government. Trains post-graduate students and full-time students in the field of system analysis and information technologies.

Lecturer at the Berezniki Division of the Perm National Research Polytechnic University and Mastership Program Manager. Since 2004 he heads the Engineering Procedure Automation Department.

Associate Professor (2001), Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2004), Corresponding Member of the International Academy of National Ecology and Safety (2005), ING-PAED IGIP (2009), Professor (2013). Expert of the Russian National Accreditation Agency in informatization and automation.

Awards and public recognition:
Badge for Distinguished Learning Performance (1985, Central Committee of the Komsomol); Fiver-Year Plan’s Young Guardsman Badge (1986, Central Committee of the Komsomol); Russian President’s Scholarship Holder (1996); V. I. Vernadsky Medal (2006, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences); Master of Sports (2006); World Class Coach on Sport Tourism (2007); Honored Worker of Science and Education (2007); Honored Traveler of Russia (2011); Russia’s Gold Department Diploma (2011, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences).

In 2006 Andrey became a doctorate student at the Vladimir State University and in 2009 he protected doctoral dissertation on Speciality 05.13.01: System Analysis, Control and Processing of Information (Industry) under the title: Theoretical Frameworks for the Positional Control over Systems with Hidden Properties (Scientific Consultant—Honored Man of Science of Russia, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor A. V. Kostrov).

Area of research expertise:
Engineering and application of management information systems; numerical modeling of chemical technology equipment; analysis and improvement of process flow charts; optimization of positioning systems of automated control; engineering of adaptable systems of direct control; identification and imaging of control objects.

Author of 220 publications, including 50 papers in journals covered by the database of the Higher Attestation Commission and 7 labeled and peer-reviewed teaching aids.

Public activity:
Engaged in active public work and sports, master of sports and world class coach on sport tourism, Chairman of Board of Municipal Sports Tourism Youth Club, Chairman of Municipal Routing Qualification Commission, member of Foot Traffic and Staff Commission at the Russian National Sport Tourism Federation.

Russia’s Gold Department Diploma; Honored Worker of Science and Education; V. Leibnitz Medal; V. I. Vernadsky Medal; Honored Traveler of Russia.


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