A. V. Nastavkin — Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Department, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Aleksey Nastavkin​ 
Date of birth: 1975 
Higher education: graduated from the Faculty of Geology and Geography at the Rostov State University in 1997. The very same year entered post-graduate studentship at the Department of Mineral Deposit sand graduated in 2000. 
Academic degree and rank: 
Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical sciences, Associate Professor. 
Area of research expertise: 
Geology, geography. 
Professional activity: 
Since 2001 worked as a lecturer at the Department of Mineral Deposits. In 2003 till 2007 — Senior Lecturer and in 2007 till 2017 — Associate Professor at the Department of Mineral Deposits.
In 2017 was elected the Head of the Department of Mineral Deposits. 
Since 2009 A. V. Nastavkin has been the member of the organizing committee of the Regional Student’s Scientific-and-Practical Conference on Practical Training of Geologists (the event was granted the All-Russian Conference status in 2016). 
In 2014 Nastavkin participated in organization and activities of the Geology and Geography Session in the framework of the Conference on Mission of the Youth in Science. 
In 2015 and 2016 he was a member of the organizing committee of the Conference on Current Challenges of Geosciences for students and young scientists in partnership with foreign scientists. 
Aleksey Nastavkin supervises research activities of students, the results of which are annually reported at the forum of Week of Science, at the session of the Department of Mineral Deposits and at the other conferences and workshops, and are included in the graduation works and graduation research projects. 
He is engaged in occupational guidance and participates in activities of the annual regional Geology Olympiad among school children. 
A. V. Nastavkin takes an active part in the social life of the Department of Mineral Deposits and Institute of Geosciences, and up to a limiting age was an active member to the Council of Young Scientists at the Southern Federal University. Since 2015 he is a coordinator at the Foundation for Promotion of Small Business in Science and Technology at the Institute of Geosciences. In 2015–2016 Nastavkin coordinated vocational-oriented education of students and their interrelationship with employers. In 2016 A. V. Nastavkin was appointed to the post of Director of Occupational Guidance and Students–Employers Cooperation at the Institute of Geosciences. 
Registration certificates and membership:  
A. V. Nastavkin was set an opposer at the defence of dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Geologo-Mineralogical Sciences (Southern Federal University, 2009) and for the degree of Candidate of Engineering Sciences (College of Mining, National University of Science and Technology—MISIS, 2016). 
Full member of the Russian Geographical Society (since 2008). 
Full member of the Paleontological Society at the Russian Academy of Sciences (since 2014). 
Selected publications: 
A. V. Nastavkin has academic publications in the leading peer-reviewed periodicals on science in Russia (Mining Informational and Analytical Bulletin—GIAB, Ore and Metals—Ruda Metally, Geology and Exploration—Geologia Razvedka, Universities Bulletin—Izvestia Vuzov, Lithology and Minerals—Litologia Mineraly), in the North Caucasus region (Series: Natural Sciences, Caucasus’s Scientific Thought) and abroad (Proceedings of the German Geological Society). 
Nastavkin’s research findings are reported at the all-Russian and international conferences such as: International Congress on Carboniferous and Permian Stratigraphy, European Coal Conference, Miner’s Week (Moscow), All-Russian Conference on Coal (Rostov-on-Don), All-Russian Congress of Geologists (Saint-Petersburg), New Ideas in Geosciences (Moscow), Academician Usov International Symposium of Students, Post-Graduate Students and Young Scientists (Tomsk), All-Russian Meeting on Lithology, Environmental Issues, Outlook to the Future, Congress of Engineers of the Don (Rostov-on-Don), International Conference and Workshop of Young Scientists and Experts dedicated to the memory of Academician Karpinsky (Saint-Petersburg). 
Since 1997 he has published 75 papers in different collected works and conference proceedings. 
In the last five years, A. V. Nastavkin has been a project executive under governmental contacts. 
Place of work: 
Southern Federal University, Department of Mineral Deposits. 
Contact details:

Personal webpage: 

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