V. V. Morozov — Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia

Valeriy Morozov, born in 1955, graduated from Moscow Institute of steel and alloys in 1978, he began his career in 1978 at the Department of "Enrichment of ores of nonferrous and rare metals" at MISIS. In 1981 he entered the full-time graduate school at the Department of "Physical and chemical methods of processing of minerals" (FCM) of the Moscow mining Institute (MMI) and in 1985 he defended his thesis. After graduating from graduate school he was hired at the Department of FCM MMI. Completed a one year training at the Freiberg mining University. He is fluent in German.

Since 1991 V.V. Morozov has been working as a teacher. In 1998 he defended his doctoral thesis. In 2000 he was awarded the title of Professor at the faculty. "Mineral processing" of MSMU. From 2000 to 2014 he worked as head of the Department of chemistry of MSMU. Currently-Professor of the Department "General and inorganic chemistry" NUST MISIS.

V.V. Morozov at a high scientific and methodological level lectures, conducts practical classes in chemical and enrichment disciplines. He supervises the training of two graduate students, previously supervised the certification of masters and specialists. Developed six training modules on the chemistry and minerals processing. He took an active part in the development of curricula in the direction of "Mining" specialty "mineral Processing". He has repeatedly headed the state attestation Commission of the Mining Institute of the North-Eastern Federal University.

Since 2015, he was appointed Chairman of the methodical Commission in the direction of training of highly qualified personnel 04.06.01 "Chemical Sciences". Under his leadership, the PLO Standard in this area has been prepared.

V.V. Morozov is the author of one monograph and 200 publications, including 9 patents and copyright certificates. V. V. Morozov's developments are implemented at a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises, marked with a silver medal of VDNH.

The most significant works:

Sorption-electrolysis technology of processing of cyanide gold-containing plums of thickeners at Zyryanovskaya concentrator – 1996;

Process control system Department of grinding and flotation OF Karagaily – 1996-1997

System of x-ray fluorescence analysis of ore and concentrate At GOK Erdenet, 2008-2010;

Process control system Department of grinding and flotation OF Mining SASA, Macedonia 2009-2010;.

Process control system Department of grinding and flotation OF GOK Erdenet, Mongolia, 2011-2014;

APCS of flotation classification process at JSC "mining company of Hebei metallurgical plant", China, 2015.

Development of advanced ore grade control system at GOK "Erdenet", Mongolia, 2015-2017.

Development of technology for selective modification of diamond surface for extraction of weakly luminescent crystals in operating radar schemes", AK ALROSA 2017-2019.

As a result of the introduction of scientific and technical developments, a significant economic effect was obtained. Under his leadership, defended his thesis 10 postgraduates and doctoral (including 5 – from foreign countries). He has repeatedly lectured at foreign universities and companies.

V.V. Morozov participated in the expertise of existing enterprises and projects: GOK Erdenet (Mongolia, 2000, 2011), of "SASA" (Macedonia 2008), Sorskaya and Zhireken of (2011), Dehkanabad GHK (Uzbekistan, 2013), Udokan GOK, 2016, Kolskaya GMK, 2020.

V.V. Morozov is a member of the editorial Board of the journal "Mining science and technology", the technical Committee of the international Federation for automatic control (IFAC), has repeatedly participated as heads of sections at international and Federal scientific conferences and congresses on mineral processing.

V.V. Morozov – member of the specialized councils on protection of dissertations-IPKON RAS And MISIS. He is a full member of the Academy of mining Sciences of Russia, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences and a Member of the scientific Council of IPCON RAS. He was awarded the badge "Labor glory" III degree, awarded the badge " Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation."

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